Getting To The Start Line

The Start Line area is located on Benjamin Franklin Parkway, just south of the Art Museum.

There are two entry points to the Start Line: the first entry point to the Start Corrals is located at the intersection of Benjamin Franklin Pkwy and 22nd St., and a second entry point is at the intersection of Benjamin Franklin Pkwy and 21st St.

Drop-off Zone: When navigating to the Start Line, please reference the map in this page to view the location of the “drop-off zones” – on Race St. and on Pennsylvania Ave / Callowhill  St. between 22nd St and 21st St. Important: Roads directly surrounding the Start Line will close at 6:00am, so plan accordingly.

Transportation to Philly Bike Ride

The following directions will get you to the vicinity near the Start and Finish Lines. Please note that on the day of the event, streets directly surrounding the Start and Finish lines will be closed for the event.

The above routes should all be open during Philly Bike Ride but all road closures are subject to change and are at the discretion of public safety officers. For road closures, click here.

There are three metro stations located less than one mile away from the Philly Bike Ride Start Line:

  • Fairmont, Spring Garden, and Race-Vine metro stations.
  • Make sure to plan ahead and check what time the metro starts running at your departure station and the ETA to your preferred station of arrival.

We encourage you to get a few extra miles in and bike to the start! Make sure you plan out your route in advance and give yourself plenty of time the morning-of so you arrive in the start corrals before 7:15am. Google Maps has a great biking directions tool!

We scoped out the best bike routes to take to the start! Check out our suggested bike routes from around the region HERE.